News Centre –TDO- Canada’s Ambassador to Turkey Chris Cooter and his spouse Karen Blumenschein have hosted a reception at the residence of the embassy to mark the Canadian national day and 75 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and Turkey.

The reception was attended by the Minister for Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü, many mission chiefs and figures from the world of business and the arts.

The event began with the singing of the national anthems of the two countries. In his opening speech, Ambassador Cooter stated that this year marked 75 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and Turkey and said “To memorialise this anniversary, we will build a monument to the soldiers of the Caribou Regiment who lost their lives in Gallipoli.  Turkey will build a monument in Newfoundland, which is the home of the regiment.”

Cooter added that this would be a turning point for the two countries and said “As fellow members of G20, we should undertake more in cooperation. There is much to do and much to learn from each other. We are pleased that work on this continues at present.”

Ambasador Cooter said that thousands of Turkish students were studying in Canada and added “One reason why our relations are developing is that we invest in each other’s business world, are partners in sharing advanced technology and stand together in the global competition.”

Stating that Turkey and Canada work together in the international field Chris Cooter said “Like Turkey, we are devoted to helping refugees. Among them are the Arakan from Myanmar. Furthermore, we stand against the use of chemical weapons. We have seen the terrible results of this in neighbouring Syria.”

Minister Özlü then spoke at the reception, saying that they celebrated Canada’s national day on the 75th anniversary of its independence.

Minister Özlü said “Our relations, which have evolved to close friendship and solidarity over time are crowned by being allies in NATO. These bonds, which draw their strength from history, continue to guide relations between Turkey and Canada.”

Özlü remarked that the suffering in Gallipoli had become the foundations of an unshakeable friendship between the two countries and said “Turkey and Canada continue to keep alive the ‘Gallipoli spirit’. We are pleased that the monuments we will mutually build in Çanakkale in Turkey and in St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador Province, will convey this spirit to the coming generations. This spirit is best symbolised in Canada by the Altıkat Monument, erected in memory of our Ottawa attaché militaire Atilla Altıkat, who was brutally murdered by Armenian terrorists in 1982 and all diplomats and public servants who were killed during their missions abroad.”

Minister Özlü said that they were pleased to see bilateral relations between the two countries advance further under the scope of the NATO alliance and cooperation in the international field at a time in which global and regional problems have become more pressing.

The reception continued with a concert after the speeches of Ambassador Chris Cooter and Minister Faruk Özlü.   

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