Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The 113-year-old woman, thought to be Spain's oldest citizen, has been revealed to have beaten the coronavirus.

Maria Branyas, who has lived in a nursing home north of Barcelona for nearly 20 years, caught the coronavirus last month. Authorities conducted a Coronavirus test after Branyas suffered a urinary infection and had a mild fever. Although Branyas' test came back positive, officials said the older woman suffered from the disease with mild symptoms.

Maria Branyas battled illness at the Santa Maria del Tura nursing home where she stayed and quarantined herself by not leaving her room for days. Authorities say the elderly woman's condition is now well. Maria Branyas' daughter Rosa Moret, who complained about not being able to meet her mother during the curfew restriction, told reporters: "My mother is fine, in shape at the moment. He has a desire to talk, to tell, to convey his thoughts. He's become himself again."

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