On Saturday, an air strike on a school in Haydan have killed at least 10 children and injured more than 25, Doctors Without Borders says. Saudi-led coalition is the suspected attacker, while the coalition’s spokesperson Ahmed Asseri claims that the coalition airstrikes targeted a "major training camp for the militia". He also added that Houthis were the ones to blame for children deaths in the region since the militia was recruiting child soldiers.Julien Harneis, a UNICEF representative working in the capital of Yemen said none of the children were soldiers and they were all younger than 15. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s spokesperson said that secretary general condemns the attack and calls for an investigation. According to UN reports, Saudi-led coalition is responsible for %60 of the children deaths and its name was on the blacklist until Ban Ki-Moon revealed that he had to remove the coalition from the list under “unacceptable pressure” since defunding the activities of UN would affect hundreds of thousands of children. The failed peace talks last week and the death of at least 10 children over the weekend indicate that the civilians residing in the region are under serious threat.Öykü Deniz AYTEMÝZ

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