News Center -TDO- The exhibition “Women Are Heroes” prepared by the Hungarian embassy was opened to visitors at Gallery M in Armada Mall.

Ferenc Kekesi, Counsellor of the Hungarian Embassy in Ankara, Ziya Taşkent, General Director of Directorate General for Copyright of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Alper Ozkan, Deputy General Director of Fine Arts, members of the City Council of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and invited guests attended the exhibition.

Ferenc Kekesi, Counsellor of the Hungarian Embassy in Ankara, made the opening speech. In his speech, Kekesi, who first greeted the guests, said that they found it meaningful that the opening date of the exhibition was close to the day of martyrs on March 18, thus drawing attention to the sacrifices shown by the Turkish, Hungarian, male and female heroes of the First World War. The Turks and the Hungarians fight shoulder to shoulder in the first World War, an artillery regiment at Gallipoli and Gallipoli, monument to the Hungarian successfully doing the task at is just a few of their memory, providing Galician Hungarian Turkish soldiers wounded on the front he looked at the nurses and wounded in Istanbul was the establishment of a hospital for the treatment of itself to being held in Budapest and the Hungarian also attended many times in person, he said.

Ferenc Kekesi also said that the First World War was the first modern war in human history and that not only men were fighting on the front, but the countries that entered the war mobilized the whole society to achieve victory, that women undertook the jobs vacated by men to keep the economy alive, thus supporting the country's economy as well as supporting their families. Thus, he stated that not only men fighting at the front, but also women who take care of the injured soldiers, keep the economy alive, sustain their families, and then heal the wounds of the country, are heroes.

Ferenc Kekesi continued his words as follows: “The women behind the front have not only struggled with poverty, they worried about their family members and relatives who went to the front and hoped that they would return safely. Maybe they did not fight at the front, but they made incredible sacrifices for their homeland. Our exhibition is an expression of our respect and gratitude to the heroic women."

The exhibition can be visited between March 16 and April 1, 2021.

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