On the occasion of the 240th anniversary of 4th of July, U.S Ambassador to Turkey, John Bass and his wife Holly Bass hosted a reception at the Ambassador’s residence.

Many diplomats, ambassadors, journalists and academics attended the reception.

At the reception, Turkish Government was represented by Ömer Çelik, the Minister of EU Affairs.

In his opening remarks Ambassador Bass underlined the importance of protecting democracies in fighting against terrorism. Ambassador Bass said;

“While painful, whether they occurred in Istanbul or Orlando or Midyad or other places around the world, the attacks each country has suffered only serve to increase our determination to defend our democracies. We must ensure that tolerance and peace prevail over violence and hatred.  And we must work to promote and protect the fundamental freedoms that form the foundations of our two democratic societies. In all of these efforts, the United States will continue to support our friends and allies here in Turkey. We look forward to working with all of you in the year ahead to address this fundamental challenge and the many issues we are working on in the following year.”

Right after the Ambassador’s speech, EU Minister Ömer Çelik  took to the stage and said “Our partnership with America, which shaped under the political and military parameter evolved including economic and humanitarian dimension.  Our relations have reached an important level.
Recent developments taking place in our region Syria to Ukraine from Middle East to North Africa growing threat of terrorism, irregular migrant influx indicate how indispensible it is to further strengthen and deepen Turkey-U.S co-operation in all areas.


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