İrem UZUN -TDO- Millions of displaced people across northern Syria will need assistance during a winter that is expected to be "incredibly hard", according to the United Nation's acting deputy emergency relief coordinator. A third of the displaced Syrians, estimated at 6.7 million refugees, lack adequate shelter and the essentials for cold weather such as heating fuel, blankets and clothes. 

 Speaking at the online UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday, Ramesh Rajasingham warned that the millions of displaced Syrians predominantly living in the north of the country will suffer this winter without provisions and aid. "Winter weather is proving to be incredibly hard for those without adequate shelter or basics like fuel for heating, blankets, warm clothes and shoes," he stated. Rajasingham said more than 9.3 million people in Syria were suffering from food insecurity, an increase of 1.4 million people over the previous year.  He added that the number was expected to increase.

Citing “inconsistent” humanitarian access, the deputy relief chief maintained that already devastated health facilities, are being further impacted by gaps in medical assistance in northeast Syria. “Let me be clear: Health services are extremely weak across the country and are being stretched to new extremes under the public health impact of COVID-19”, he spelled out. “Gaps in assistance and shortages of medical supplies and personnel are prevalent everywhere”.  Rajasingham said that due to a lack of beds, women in in the south were giving birth in rooms alongside other patients.

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