News Center -TDO- In cooperation with the International Turkish Cultural Organization and the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Ankara, the photo exhibition "Turkmenistan-country of neutrality" was opened in the building of the International Turkish Cultural Organization due to the 25th year of Turkmenistan's acquisition of the status of a ‘permanent neutral country’.

Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Isankuli Amanliyev, Chief Advisor to the President of Turkey Yalçın Topçu, İyi Parti Samsun MP Bedri Yaşar, AK Party Erzurum MP Ibrahim Aydemir and many guests attended to the event hosted by TURKSOY Secretary General Prof. Düsen Kaseinov.

Speaking at the opening of the event, Düsen Kaseinov said that Turkmenistan is a state firmly committed to its national values and has been making efforts to establish peaceful and friendly relations with all countries of the world since its first days.

Düsen Kaseinov continued his speech as follows:: "On December 12, 1995, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted the decree 'permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan' by 185 countries, and during the remaining time, Turkmenistan maintained its status without concessions, receiving great appreciation from all the world States."

Düsen Kaseinov said that the TURKSOY Painters meeting, which brings together 300 artists from the Turkic world, has prepared an exhibition compiled from the collection of 1500 works and a photo exhibition reflecting the historical, cultural and natural beauty of Turkmenistan due to the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan's permanent neutrality

In his speech, Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Isankuli Amanliyev said that 2020 has been declared as the ‘year of permanent neutral country of Turkmenistan’ and that many national and international events have been held in his country.

Ambassador Amanliyev continued his speech as follows: "The field of culture and art is an important form of Public Diplomacy and is of particular importance in the context of recognizing Turkmenistan as the country that initiates global progressive transformations in the international arena. These areas are an important factor in the implementation of the foreign policy of the Turkmen state aimed at developing international cooperation aimed at achieving universal peace, prosperity and sustainable development.”

Chief Advisor to the President of Turkey Yalçın Topçu stated that they are six states and one nation and said that the heroic sons of Azerbaijan are fighting to save the occupied homeland territory, and wished Allah's mercy to those who were killed on the front line in Azerbaijan.

Against the attacks of Armenian forces on civilian settlements, Topçu said: "War also has a morality, it has a law,” and wished Azerbaijan to be victorious.

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