‘’Towards a New Security Architecture for the MENA’’- Forum Started in İstanbul


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel - TDO - Conference called ‘’ Towards a New Security Architecture for the MENA Region’’, conducted by Alsharq Forum, in partnership of Hilton Bosporus Hotel in İstanbul, has been started.

Galip Dalay, Research Director of Alsharq Forum and Na’eem Jeenah, Executive Director of Afro-Middle East Centre, made the opening speeches.

Initially, Dalay summarized the ongoing events in the region. He said ‘’ Institutions follow an intention’’. He continued his words as they have an aim to replace the current chaos in the region and this may be an opportunity to establish a new, original solution.

Secondly,   Jeenah gave the other opening speech. He highlighted the significance of social and cultural aspects of change in the region. He said that all issues are being converted to security. We should not only ‘’securitize’’ the issue, ‘’think in a broader sense’’ and ‘’go beyond imposed solutions’’.  He added that    this was actually a’’ civilizational project’’ and this revolution might be painful like any others

Conference will continue till the evening, with contributions of several experts all over the World.

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