İrem UZUN -TDO- The Oxfam aid organization and the Greek Council for Refugees published a press statement in which they declared that conditions in the migrant camp on Lesbos, set up after fire destroyed the original Moria camp, “are abysmal” and worse than at the previous camp.

"The new temporary camp on the Greek island of Lesbos is even worse than the original Moria camp, with inadequate shelter, hardly any running water, limited healthcare services, and no access to legal aid," according to a joint press statement. Some 8,000 people, mostly families with children, are living in tents not fit for winter, Oxfam said on Wednesday in Brussels.

The Oxfam sent staff to Lesbos, together with the Greek Council of Refugees, to assess the situation at the provisional site after a fire gutted the island’s Moria camp in September. “The EU and Greek response following the Moria fire has been pitiful. Rather than relocating asylum seekers to proper shelters where they would be safe, the EU and Greece have opted for another dismal camp at the external borders, trapping people in a spiral of destitution and misery,” said Oxfam’s EU migration expert, Raphael Shilhav.  Some tents are only 20 metres from the sea and have no protection from the weather, aid workers said.

Hygiene facilities are difficult at the camp, there is a lack of running water and so Oxfam says many of the camp residents have been washing in the sea. This poses the risk of drowning, particularly for children, notes Oxfam, as well as the risk of being infected by contamination from wastewater from the camp, which is also draining into the sea. Women face particular problems, noted Oxfam because there is a "lack of toilets and showers, as well as insufficient lighting in the new camp;" this means they could be exposed to "increased risks of sexual and gender-based violence."

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