News Center -TDO- Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Turkey Abzal Saparbekuly hosted an introductory meeting at the Ankara Meyra Palas Hotel for the book titled “The Man Who Makes History” written by President of Kazakhstan KasımCömertTokayev, about the Founder President Nursultan Nazarbayev and the recent history of the country.

Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Turkey AbzalSaparbekuly, Secretary General of the Turkish Council Bağdat Amreyev, Chief Advisor to the President Yalçın Topçu, Member of Turkish Council Ambassador Prof. Dr. Adil Ahmetov and other diplomats and academicians attended to the meeting.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Saparbekuly emphasized that Kazakhstan has become an independent and modern state with the vision of the country's founding president Nursultan Nazarbayev and the steps taken for the future.

Ambassador Saparbekuly stated that Tokayev, who has been serving as the president of Kazakhstan since March 20, 2019, is a very experienced diplomat and statesman and expressed his belief that his country's future will continue in the new period.

Ambassador Saparbekuly said that the book "The Man Who Makes History" is an important resource in terms of the subject and author of the political continuity in Kazakhstan.

Secretary General of the Turkish Council Amreyev also made a speech and stated that the history of Kazakhstan's independence came to life in the name of the country's Founding President Nazarbayev.

Pointing to the importance of the book "The Man Who Makes History", which discusses the country's political development and foreign policy, Amreyev said, "Kazakhstan is a special model country both in its region and in the world. The model incorporates the common sense of the previous generation and the dynamism of the younger generation," Amreyev said.

In his speech at the event, Chief Advisor of the Presidency Yalçın Topçu drew attention to the role of the Founding President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev and the place of Kazakhstan in the solution of regional and international crises.

Stating that the book that Kazakhstan President Tokayev told about Nazarbayev is very important in terms of transferring role models to future generations, Topçu said, "Nazarbayev is an important leader not only for our homeland of Kazakhstan, but also for Eurasia, Turkish world and world peace."

Within the scope of the book's introductory meeting, Ankara Crisis and Political Research Center (ANKASAM) Chief Advisor. Dr. Sencer İmer moderated a panel with the presentations of Malik Otarbayev, Deputy Governor of Turkestan, Ambassador Halil Akıncı, Founder Secretary General of the Turkish Council, Hasan Kanbolat, President of Ankara Policy Center and Muhittin Ataman, Director of Foreign Policy Research Foundation of Political, Economic and Community Research (SETA).

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