The opening ceremony of  7th  annual Embassy Tennis Turkey Tournament organized by Çınar & Çınar Law office was launched at the British Embassy in Ankara hosted by Ambassador Richard Moore.

Saying that more than 80 players will participate in the tennis tournament, the owner of Çınar&Çınar Law office, Hakan Çınar stated that this tournament will host highest number of participants ever. The  number of participants is being expected over 100 players.

“We are glad to be part of this organization as the co-hosted Embassy” said British Ambassador Richard Moore.  Claiming that he is a good squash player Ambassador Moore’s decision to participate in the tournament is not certain yet. British Ambassador also said he played squashed with the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson at the Embassy’s court, before his diplomatic touch in Ankara. Ambassador Moore beat Foreign Secretary Johnson.

The Embassy Tennis Turkey Tournament which band tennis lovers, diplomacy, Turkish Foreign Ministry stuffs and foreign companies in Turkey together will be held on October 15-16 and October 22-23 at the Ankara Tennis Club


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