´On 3rd of July, 300.000 Argentinians protested against the gender based violence to demand solutions and give it a big visibility to the problem´
ArgentinaThe mobilization of thousands was provoked by the assassination of a 14 years old girl, Chiara Paez. She was pregnant from her 16 years old boyfriend. She was found in the yard of the house of her boyfriend. He is detained as well as his parents who are suspected to back the assassination.
But she was not the first neither the last. In Argentina only in 2014 277 women had been assassinated based on gender based reasons. In every 31 hours one woman is killed according to “La Casa del Encuentro”. On 3rd of July thousands of Argentinians met in front of the Congress building in Buenos Aires demanding severe sanctions for the violations based on gender. The protests were organized with the social networks. It spread to 100 cities in Argentina and also in Chile and Uruguay. There had been also protests in Miami, United States. The estimations of numbers of participants to the protests are close to 300.000 only in Buenos Aires. Lots of people were shouting “Ni UnaMenos” (Not one less in Spanish). The phrase was based on the writing of Mexican poet Susana Chaez who was assassinated in 2011 because she had declared the gender based criminals in her country. Her verses were “Nor a woman less neither a dead more.”By Irem GölYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of September

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