Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The coronavirus, which causes the 'mysterious' disease, which has been likened to pneumonia, has been detected in a person living in Washington, China.

The person who fell ill after a visit to China and was being treated in Washington carried the same coronavirus seen in Vuhan. The identity of the man, who is said to be in serious condition, was not disclosed.

So far 6 people have died in the outbreak caused by the new coronavirus. China's National Health Commission had reported that coronavirus was diagnosed in 77 people on Tuesday (yesterday), with the number of cases across the country rising to 291. 72 of the new cases have been reported in Hubey Province, 2 in Shanghai and 3 in Beijing.

The virus is also a risk for millions of people who want to spend their holidays in their home countries because of the Chinese New Year (Spring Holiday), which will start in China on January 25.

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