İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-16.08.2017- According to Israeli Chanel 2 Television, Iranian government was constructing a ballistic missile factory in Banyas which is located on Syrian Mediterrenean coast.

In the new, officers provided satellite photos of Banyas and compared it with a missile company located near Iranian capital, Tehran, and argued newly produced missiles would be stocked in Banyas.

Israeli government repeatedly remind that increase of Iran’s influence over Syrian territory is beyond their limits.  In the last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that ‘’ Iran or groups supported by the Islamic regime must not be allowed to establish military presence in Syria or especially southern Syria.

Netanyahu added that Tel Aviv observe what is going on in Syria carefully and would continue to defend its ideas and red line. He exemplified Israel’s main points as : to avoid Hezbollah to gain power in Syria and get more weapons,  block them to get military presence over Israeli border and simply hinder Tehran or influenced groups to be more powerful in the field.

It seems the situation in the ‘’mosaic of the Middle East’’ is threatening not only for northern states but also Israel. Being a neighbor of Syria is not a satisfactory explanation in such a chaotic situation that could immediately become worse.


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