In the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, a building housing studios and offices of Ukrainian broadcaster Inter was set on fire twice on Sunday.While some studios and equipment were seriously damaged in the blaze, there are no reports of injuries about members of staff.
Protesters chanted “Inter TV is Kremlin’s agent” in front of the channel. Six people have been arrested but according the witnesses, the detainees were dressed in a traditional costume and the number of them were around 20.Commenting on the attacks, the management of Inter television evaluated the attack as an attack on press freedom and they claimed that received threats many times before, but the government did not take the necessary measures.Ukraine Interior Minister Arsen Avakov had accused Inter TV channel of fulfilling the Kremlin' order on informational destruction and he said that channel’s editor and Russian citizen Igor Shuvalov should be expelled from Ukraine. In this sense, last year 14 Russian television channels have been blocked from its cable networks on the ground of spreading “war propaganda”.

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