News Centre – TDO – The opening ceremony for the photo exhibition “India Through Turkish Eyes” took place at the Indian Embassy in Ankara, hosted by India’s Ambassador to Turkey Sanjay Bhattacharyya. The exhibition puts on display the work of artists from the Fotoğraf Sanat Kurumu (Photography Arts Institute).

The opening ceremony for the exhibition at the Indian Embassy began with the traditional candle lighting ceremony.

In his speech, Ambassador Sanjay Bhattacharyya said that they intended to put India on display through Turkish eyes with the photo exhibition.

Ambassador Bhattacharyya said that the exhibition would show just how much Turkey and India have in common and is aimed at establishing a cultural bridge between the two countries.

Artists Dr. Necdet Şükrü Altun, İlker Şahin, Hüseyin Sarı and Ziya Volkan Çolak, whose work is on display introduced them.

The exhibition “India Through Turkish Eyes” is open to visitors until the weekend.

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