İrem UZUN -TDO- Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to embark on a new chapter in their recently tumultuous relationship, establishing economic normalization in a signing ceremony at the White House Friday alongside President Donald Trump. Both sides agreed to continue work on earlier agreements on restoring air and rail links, signed at the start of the year, and to start building new connecting roads and highways.

Speaking in the Oval Office flanked by the two countries' leaders, Trump said Serbia had also committed to moving its embassy to Jerusalem, and Kosovo and Israel had agreed to normalize ties and establish diplomatic relations. Serbian President Aleksander Vucic told reporters there were still many differences between Serbia and its former province, which declared independence in 2008, but said Friday's agreement marked a huge step forward.

President Trump has hailed the agreement by stating that “after a violent and tragic history and years of failed negotiations, my administration proposed a new way of bridging the divide. By focusing on job creation and economic growth, the two countries were able to reach a major breakthrough”. Following the ceremony, Vucic said that Serbia signed a bilateral deal with the U.S. on economic cooperation with Pristina.  "We have signed a bilateral agreement with the U.S. for economic cooperation with Pristina, not a trilateral one, in which Pristina is not mentioned as a subject of international law,” Vucic was cited by local media.

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