News Center -TDO- The exhibition "Healing in Joseph's Garden", hosted by Henning Simon, Charge d'Affaires of the German Embassy, was opened in memory of Josef Beuys, the most influential German artist after the Second World War.

The works of Andreas Treske, Ekin Ünal, Elif Gözde Korkmaz, Hayri Şengün and Müge İrem Beyazıt from Bilkent University Communication and Design Department were exhibited at the event held in the embassy garden.

Making a speech at the event, Charge d'affaires Henning Simon stated that German artist Joseph Beuys would be 100 years old if he were alive today, and therefore events are held in Germany and all over the world in memory of the artist. Charge d'affaires Simon reminded Beuys's statement "Every person is an artist" and continued his speech as follows: "Joseph Beuys, as a rebel, professor, party founder, environmental activist, had a great influence on German society and politics."

Andreas Treske, a faculty member at Bilkent University's Department of Communication and Design, stated that they wanted to show Joseph Beuys' perspective on art and used the following expressions: “His view of art consists of elements such as life, life, thought, mysticism, behavior, action and nature. ”

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