News Center -TDO- A virtual safari event was held in four national parks, Minneriva, Kaudulla, Udawalawe and Yala, of Sri Lanka at the Embassy of Sri Lanka, hosted by Sri Lankan Ambassador to Ankara Mohammad Rizvi Hassen.

A virtual safari was held in Minneriya National Park at the event, which was attended by a small number of people due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Adhering to the United Nations World Tourism Organization's slogan ‘stay home and travel tomorrow’, the country has not yet opened its natural beauty to foreign travelers. Using Modern digital technology, the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has launched Sri Lanka's first virtual safari in Sri Lanka's national parks for interested travelers at home. The virtual safari focused on the unique species that inhabit Sri Lanka's four main national wildlife parks named "Minneriya", "Kaudulla", "Udawalawe" and “Yala". The programme will be relayed by Dr. Prithviraj Fernando, chief environmental expert at the World Bank's South Asia environment and Resource Unit, and wildlife expert Chithral Jayathilake.

The aim of the “Go on safari on the couch " initiative is to show the beauty of the country to passengers planning to travel to Sri Lanka and passengers unable to visit Sri Lanka due to the pandemic.

Each program can be registered for free via the virtual stream given below: /https://srilanka.travel/wildlifestream /

Virtual Program Flow

On 04.11,2020 at 11.30 (Turkish Time) - Minneriya National Park

On 05.11,2020 at 11,30 (Turkish Time) - Minneriya National Park

On 08.11,2020 at 11.30 (Turkish Time) - Kaudulla National Park

On 09.11,2020 at 04.30 (Turkish Time) - Uduwalawe National Park

On 10.11.2020 at 12.30 (Turkish Time) - Uduwalawe National Park

On 11.11,2020 at 04.30’da (Turkish Time) - Yala National Park

On 12.11.2020 at 04.30’da (Turkish Time)-Yala National Park

On 13.11,2020 at 12.30’da (Turkish Time) - Yala National Park


"Minneriya" National Park - originally declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1938 in Sri Lanka. It mainly houses 24 species of mammals, 160 species of birds, 75 species of butterflies. Viewers will have the opportunity to see the “elephants,” the majestic gentle giants in Minneriya, in an exciting way.

The “Yala” National Park, home to 44 species of mammals and 215 species of birds, is also one of the places with the highest density of leopards in the world.

"Caudulla" National Park - designated as a national park in 2002 and contains 24 mammal species, 25 species of reptiles, 26 species of Fish and 160 species of butterflies.

Declared a wildlife National Park of Sri Lanka in 1972, "Udawalawe" National Park is home to Sri Lankan leopards and Sri Lankan ‘Sloth” bears.

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