News Center -TDO- With the cooperation of German Embassy and Yenimahalle Municipality, “German Traces in Turkey” Photograph Exhibition and a symphony concert consisting of works of German composers were held.

Germany’s Ambassador to Turkey Martin Erdmann, his spouse Marion Erdmann, Mayor of Yenimahalle Fethi Yaşar, diplomatic mission representatives and many other guests attended to the event being held at Nazım Hikmet Congress and Art Center.

Ambassador Erdmann said in his speech that German Embassy in Ankara has been preparing a series of photographs named “German Traces in Turkey” and gave the example of a desk calendar that was introduced as an example of traces in the German capital in Turkey.

Moreover, Mr. Ambassador told that a book named “Bir Başkentin Oluşumu” introducing the works of Turkish and German architects working in Turkey in 1930s. 

Erdmann stated "I would like to thank Fethi Yaşar, the Mayor of Yenimahalle, for giving us the opportunity to present this date, which we have previously introduced with books and calendars, in the exhibition we are holding today."

Mayor Yaşar said that many German scientists and architects contributed to Ankara's new appearance in the 1930s and brought many Works and told “Their works are still standing. We have the task of carrying that architecture to future generations."

Fethi Yaşar said that the Germans gained a large number of works to Ankara in the past and stated they made important contributions to Turkey's education system.

Fethi Yaşar added "As our leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said today, it is our duty to build a world where our people can live more prosperously in the sense of 'peace at home, peace in the world'. I am one of the politicians who believe that mankind can do it."

After the speeches, a symphony concert consisting of works of German composers was held.

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