News Center -TDO- Hosted by Chinese Embassy in Ankara, an award ceremony for the award-winning students in “China in My Imaginations 2021” painting contest was held in contribution of Chinese Embassy, Ministry of Education and International Foundation for Scientific and Cultural Research  (UBİKAV).

A huge number of guests participated in the ceremony where pictures of the award-winning students were displayed.

China's Ambassador to Turkey Liu Shaobin, congratulated the award-winning students and their families in his speech and expressed his happiness.

Mr. Ambassador said that the students who participated in the contest made paintings by blending the ancient Chinese civilization and modern China and added, "Now you will come out of your imagination and see the real China. You will not draw the imagination, you will draw the China you see."

Ambassador Shaobin also stated that he hoped this activity to contribute to the friendship and cultural relations between China and Turkey.

Head of Strategy Department of Ministry of National Education Fatih Leblebici, gave information about their work on painting and visual arts within the ministry.

With the slogan of "Happy Kids, Strong Turkey", Mr. Leblebici said that aimed to improve children’s skills according to their interests and added that the number of increased visual arts workshops children would find the opportunity to develop these skills.

President of UBİKAV Prof Dr. Bülent Okay reminded that they started this project in 2015 and said that their goal is to give love to the fine arts.

Okay said that their goal is to direct students to fine arts and to recognize Chinese culture correctly, and added "We are two nations that need to know each other correctly."

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