İrem Uzun –TDO- The Catalan interior ministry has conformed that they were warned Belgian officials about the imam Abdelbaki Es Satty, who organised the terror attack and killed 15 people on August 17.

Hans Bonte, the mayor of the town Vilvoorde in Brussels, said he needed to speak out as Spanish security authorities deny that they received such a warning. "The mosque chairman of our neighbouring municipality of Diegem came to us with questions, as he [Es Satty] lived in Vilvoorde. He thought the man [Es Satty] was rather strange, who without doubt had left Spain because he did not see a future there, and gave himself the title of Imam but could not hand over documents to prove it.” he said. Then, local security forces had emailed an official in the Catalan police to ask if they knew Moroccan national Es Satty and the Catalan official replied on the same day by saying Es Satty was not known, although a person with the same surname had been investigated. The Catalan ministry said it was an informal contact between two people, therefore it was not an official communication. "I am astonished every time again that in Spain they act like no information was given.” Bonte said.

On the other hand, Belgian minister of justice approved that the contact was informal and therefore non-registered, it was between two police officers who knew each other before.

At final stage, sides couldn't reach a compromise over the formality of the warning. However, if it is true, it unearths the omission of local security forces in Catalan.

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