News Center-TDO-Belarusian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei V. Savinykh’s spouse Vera Savinykh hosted the “Belarus Art’s” art exhibition in which works by artists coming from Belarus were presented to art lovers at the Belarus House in Ankara.

Belarusian National Education Minister Igor Karpenko, President of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Gusakov, Vera Savinykh, Russian Ambassador to Turkey Aleksey Yerhov, Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Turkey Allama Siddiki and his spouse Rashna Farrukand many other art lovers attended to the event.

In her opening speech, Vera Savinykh said “First of all, one of the biggest reasons why this invitation is so important is that the Belarusian painters are coming together for the first time in Ankara for those who are curious about the history, culture and art of Belarus. The Belarusian school of arts with famous painters such as Mark Shagal, Leon Bakst, Haim Sutin and Nadya Leje has a long tradition. At the same time, it is possible to see the works of this period painters such as Svitskovo, Kuzmiça and Vaşenko in many museums and art galleries. We hope that after reviewing the works of our esteemed painters, you will have the opportunity to examine Belarus more closely and develop your desire to learn more closely. The biggest reward for us is that you want to visit our country and see with your own eyes and discover the different varieties and beauties of our country.”

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