Selin ATAY-TDO- In the United States, three former guards have been brought before a judge on charges that they repeatedly and repeatedly made prisoners who were handcuffed to a wall listen to a children's song called "Baby Shark."

Guards Christian Miles and Gregory Butler, formerly of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, and Lt. Christopher Hendershott were charged with torturing inmates, corporal punishment of an inmate, and conspiracy.

District court records contain information about how the incident occurred. According to records, in 2019, guards Miles and Butler placed inmates in the lead attorney interview room. The prisoners were then handcuffed against the wall and forced to stand by guards for two hours. At this time, Miles and Butler turned on Baby Shark music via a computer and made the prisoners listen to Baby Shark music repeatedly.

In his defence to detectives investigating, former guard Miles said The Baby Shark music was a "joke" between him and fellow guard Butler. But district attorney Davit Prater said the three defendants punished the inmates and displayed a "cruel or inhumane attitude" toward them. District Attorney Prater stressed that the former guards acted "together, willingly and in the wrong way."

District attorney Prater argued that constantly playing the same song led to prisoners who were probably already suffering from being handcuffed to the wall becoming victims of "excessive emotional stress."

The district attorney noted that Lieutenant Hendershott had failed to supervise these guards under his authority and to ensure discipline among them. In addition, prosecutor Prater noted that a large number of inmates complained about the bad behavior of Miles and Butler, former guards.

"It is unfortunate that I cannot find a severe Criminal Code clause that suits this situation," the district attorney told a local newspaper.

Butler and Miles resigned during the investigation, and Lieutenant Hendershott also retired, authorities said.

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