An exhibition named "Artists without Borders " which was jointly organised by the Embassy of Israel in Turkey and the Embassy of Austria took place in Ankara at Kara Gallery of Çankaya Municipality.

Several ambassadors and art-lovers  took high interest in the exhibition.

"Artists without Borders" art project presents artists' criticism on the boarders which people's set to each other in their daily life. Also, the exhibition has a very symbolic name holding withn the question of the international struggle vis-a-vis, the refugee phenomenon. The artists from more than 20 countries made contribution to the project.

In their openning remarks, the artists of the exhibition Hannah Feigl from Austria and Israeli artist and photographer Ohad Ben Shimon thanked their embassies for their contributions on the event. After the openning remarks, the Minister Counsellor of Israeli Embassy,

Shani Cooper-Zubida and the Ambassador of Austria to Turkey made speech. "Artists without Borders " will be on display from October 14 to October 31.


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