A video posted on Saturday night made social media users get angry, in which two women are told to leave a restaurant in France, just because they are Muslims.Two women went to a Restaurant called Le Cenacle in France. While they were getting ready to order, eatery’s boss asked them to leave by saying all Muslims are terrorists. Thereupon, two women secretly starts to record the conversation. Here it talks;W: we don’t wish to be served by racists, sir.M: Racists like me, they don’t kill people. Madam, terrorists are Muslim. And all Muslims are terrorists. These sentences analyze it all, voila.W: We don’t need to analyze rubbish.M: We are in a secular country, and I have a right to have an opinion.W: Just as much as we do M: people like you, I don’t want them here Period.Sunday night, eatery’s boss apologized for his reaction when a group of Muslim men gathered in front of the restaurant and asked to explain his words. He also explained that he lost one of his close friends during the terror attack which took place in Bataclan Concert Hall in November, 2015.Laurence Resignol, French minister for families, children and women’s right, said she had called for an investigation. In a message via Twitter.The occasion raised the concerns about the spread of Islamophobia around the world, especially after the attacks took place recently.
Especially, after the hasema ban in France, caused more uproar, within the Muslim minority and French population. President Francois Hollande also warned against "stigmatization" of Muslims last week, in order to resemble the respect among religions.Beste Naz Gülen

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