News Center -TDO- In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian scientist Agatangel Efimovic Krimskiy, who dedicated his life to Turcology on his way to search for his roots, "A life devoted to Turkology: Agatangel Krimskiy" Panel,  organized in cooperation with TURKSOY, EkoAvrasya and Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara, was held in Ankara with the participation of Ukrainian Ambassador to Ankara Andrii Sybiha, President of the Turkish Language Institution Prof. Gürer Gulsevin, secretary general of TURKSOY Dusen Kaseinov, Mayor of Altindag Assoc. Dr. Asim Balci, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EkoAvrasya Hikmet Eren and academics.

In his speech, EkoAvrasya Chairman Hikmet Eren, who emphasized the importance of relations between Turkey and Ukraine, said that important steps should be taken to introduce Agatangel Krimskiy, who has signed important works for Turkish cultural life, in our country and used the following statements: " Agatangel Krimskiy, who spent his life serving the science of Turkology, has been told about many aspects, including his works, works and philosophy of life, and we have shown our loyalty to the great mütefekkire with this activity. I especially want to emphasize that we will continue our programs that we have organized within the framework of the panels of the Turkish World Horizon Tour. Our activities will be instrumental in further strengthening the brotherhood between us and Ukraine, which has the right cause of Crimea and its important names, and strengthening our socio-economic relations.”

Prof. Hülya Kasapoğlu Çengel, a lecturer at Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, who spoke at the panel where Agatangel Krimskiy's life, works and studies in the field of Turcology were evaluated, said: "The most striking feature of Krimskiy, who makes translations from Arabic and Persian, is that he made a note of history with his successful works in the field of Turcology. His research, which he carried out with perseverance and effort, was appreciated by his contemporaries and shed light on the future. Studies related to this great personality will bring important works to academic life.”

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