News Center-TDO-Zambia's Ambassador to Ankara, Joseph Chilengi hosted reception due to the National Day of "Zambia's 55th Anniversary of Independence" at Swiss Hotel in Ankara.

Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, representatives of foreign missions in Ankara and many guests attended the reception.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Joseph Chilengi reminded of the opening ofthe Embassy of Zambiain December 2013, he conveyed his thanks to Turkeyfor their support given in the process.

Ambassador Chilengi said the relations between the two countries are based on mutual respect, transparency and strategic partnership, and agreements have been signed between the two countries in many fields such as diplomacy, tourism, education, trade, investment, security and sports.

Indicatingthe level of interaction in all areas between Zambia and Turkey, Chilengi said "Turkey is an emerging economy and important actor in international relations".

In her speech, stating that the 55th anniversary of Zambia is being celebrated under the themes of "Freedom, Our Country, Our Responsibility”, Minister Selcuk congratulated the people and the state of Zambia.

Indicating they were very happy from the momentum Turkey gained in the last 10 years in its relations with Africa continent, Selcuk said "we attach importance to this momentum to be further increased, to deepen our relations with all countries of the continent as possible, and to diversify the areas of cooperation".

Emphasizing Turkey considers Zambia as an important partner in Africa and it is committed to developing their bilateral relations, Minister Selcuk stressed the will to further develop bilateral relations revealed by the mutual high-level visits.

"On July 9, 2018, President Edgar Lungu attended the inauguration ceremony of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and on July 28, 2018, H.E. President Erdogan made an official visit to Zambia," she said.

Stating that she is appointed to the co-chair of Turkey-Zambia Joint Economic Commission (JEC) by President Erdogan, she said“I want to indicate that I will make my best efforts to improve our economic relations. On this opportunity, I would like to announce that we are going to hold the 1st Term Turkey-Zambia JEC meeting in February 2020 in Lusaka".

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