News Centre -TDO- Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Ishankuli Amanliyev hosted a wreath-laying ceremony in consequence of the celebration of the poem feast of Mahtumkulu Firakı which is celebrated every year on 27th of June in Turkmenistan.

Ambassador Ishankuli Amanliyev, Chief Advisor to the President Yalçın Topçu, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan, Assistant Secretary General of the International Organization of Turkish Culture (TÜRKSOY) Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Bilal Çakıcı and other guests attended to the event.

Ambassador Amanliyev in his speech here; stated that great importance was attached to national culture and art in Turkmenistan.

Ambassador Amanliyev said that Mahtumkulu Firaki's poems refer to the unity of the nation and the independence of the country and continued his speech: “The foundation of Mahtumkulu's poetic work is based on the ancient and rich folk art of the Turkmen people. The worldview and thoughts of the people, the worldly concept permeated the work of the poet with all its depth and wisdom.”

In his speech, Yalcin Topçu said, “God willing, our ancestral homeland Turkmenistan can celebrate many holidays as free and independent until the Day of Judgment.”

Topçu stated that the great poet was not only the poet of Turkmenistan but also the poet of the whole Turkish world, and touched on the importance of Mahtumkulu's works.

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