Ayberk Eryılmaz-TDO-According to report published by World Bank on Monday, Syria’s six year’s war devastated its society and infrastructure and caused great losses to its economy of 226 billion dollars. The agonizing war approximately has killed over 320.000 people and millions of people were displaced from Syria since the war began in March 2011.

The world Bank indicates the destruction has run much deeper than the number of death of infrastructure damage can cover only the edge of the bitter fruits.

To be precise, the war destroyed the institutions and state system functionalizing the society and it is obvious that repairing or reinstalling all those thing is tougher than reconstructing infrastructure or controlling the whole country. They indicate if the war is over at the moment, the economy of Syria can reach after four years the %41 of the economic level of before the war.

Hafez Ghanem, principle of department of MENA in World Bank, pointed out Syrian war destroyed the Syrian’s economy and social structures. These structures are very important social basis that any society can survive without them.

The very important thing is education system and health care system was ruined. That means that the injured people most probably don’t recuperate and people cannot sustain their education period steadily which is the most outstanding item for the future of society and qualified people and labor force as well.

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