Selin ATAY-TDO-While European allies, who have intense trade relations with China, have distanced themselves from the country's "new problem", it is argued that terrorism should be NATO's main focus.

In a declaration issued after a Leaders ' Meeting in London to mark its 70th anniversary, NATO showed for the first time that it was “still alive” in political terms by bringing China into the spotlight. NATO's bold Beijing move has sparked debate over whether China will be the "new Russia" for the alliance.

The United States stands out as the most important factor in NATO's threat perception of China, which was established after World War II to protect Europe against the expansionist policies of the Soviet Union.

The effects of the "threat radar" of Washington and a kind of backstabbing of the situation in the Middle East with counterterrorism have been felt in NATO as China has reached a point where the US is challenging its dominance in the global arena.

The European allies, who see Russia's active position in their immediate geography rather than China and terrorism as a greater threat after their attacks on their territory, are more distant to call China the new "problem", which has broad commercial relations and is even the second trade partner of the European Union (EU) after the United States.

To explain the alliance's new China policy, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said: "We see China investing in infrastructure in the Arctic, Africa, cyberspace and Europe. We need to better understand China's rise. We need to determine what kind of tests and opportunities this poses for our security., "

Stoltenberg emphasized that their goal is not to create a new "enemy" from China, and pointed out that the Beijing Administration is making economic progress that will change the global balance of power and is second in the world in defense spending. Thus, the NATO Secretary-General sought to demonstrate that Beijing has become a power that cannot be ignored not only economically, but also militarily.

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