The “Greater Middle East” project is actually a name for forming tiny states which are easy to manage and thereby to cause less of an headache for imperialist powers. In a specific sense, it is a recipe for silent death for the poor ones on their deathbed.Of course, things did not go as expected. It is not so easy to just fly over, or arrive by sea and then to rule over Middle Eastern societies whose words you do not understand. Even for the Ottoman Empire, which was the most durable power in the region in the last thousand years, it was not so easy. The Ottomans could not easily control these groups of people most of with which it shared at least a language, religion, sect or descent. nevertheless it had an order and its system functioned well or poorly but definitely with incomparably with less bloodshed than today.
The Ottomans were wiped off from every corner of Africa first and then from the Balkans and the Middle East. They were swept away until not a single piece remained, not just racially but also socially, culturally and economically. At least this is what was thought. The ruthless fight against the Ottoman heritage continues and will continue as long as the world turns. A part of this is going on in Somalia. Trying to once more put out a hand to Africa in modern times, Turks are facing very tough practices. Turks who are trying to bring peace, calm and welfare to Somalia and many other parts of the world unfortunately become the targets of local warriors using the weapons of imperialists. Things are not going well at all in the Federal Republic of Somalia, which functions according to a peculiar system. A political crisis has erupted in Puntland, which is one of the parts of the federal structure. Ismail Warsame, the Justice Minister of Puntland has recently handed in his resignation to the region’s president. His reason was that workers of the Ministry of Justice had not been receiving their pay. How many politicians remain who act so virtuously? We have to congratulate the former Justice Minister who took this courageous step in the economically struggling Somalia and wish that his actions set an example for anyone claiming to be serving the people. To return to the Greater Middle East, it is sad to see that the imperialist system which has been occupying itself with Somalia for years can succeed with a small tactical change. It is a normal outcome for impoverished people to become more restless and for governments ad administrations to change in countries with haughty politicians. However, one may clearly see it in the eyes of those piling up at the border fence in Akcakale that the passion for power in ordinary Middle Eastern countries is pushing countries and their peoples towards disasterNews Centre

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