Selin ATAY-TDO- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he is willing to restore diplomatic ties with Colombia after relations halted between the neighbors a year ago.

"I reaffirm my willingness to restore consular relations with the Colombian government so that we have fluid and respectful communications, despite our differences," Maduro tweeted.

"I call to leave behind ideological and political extremisms," he said, "Enough of So Much Foolishness!"

Maduro government cut ties with Colombia after Duque recognized Guaido as the legitimate ruler of Venezuela, following a step by the U.S., many Latin American countries and the EU.

However, Maduro said the issue could be easily resolved.“Enough of such senselessness,” he said in a nationwide television broadcast. ¨Put your feet on the ground and let’s be pragmatic. Iván Duque you are making a serious mistake.”

Maduro said Duque´s “extremism” and “immaturity” harms the security of both Colombia and Venezuela.“This would be fixed very quickly if there was communication,” Maduro said.

Duque’s administration, however, has accused Venezuela of giving safe haven to Colombian rebels who have been convicted of multiple crimes.

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