International Trade, Education and Health Confederation (UTESKON) conducted a commemoration and  Sema ceremony regarding the 743th anniversary of famous Turkish cleric and philosopher Mevlana’s death , in Nazım Hikmet Culture and Arts Center, Ankara.  Mevlana determined death as meeting to his love(God), renamed it as Şeb-i Aruz, meaning wedding night in Iranian language and ordered his followers not to cry for him. Every year in Şeb-i Aruz(night of union), he  memorialized with religious ceremonies and sema shows.

Representatives of several diplomatic missions, respected bureucrats and journalists joined the event.  Mayor of Yenimahalle, Fethi Yaşar, has also joined the event.

Program started with one minute’s silence for all martyrs of whole Turkish history followed by national anthem. Afterwards audiences informed about  UTESKON, their ongoing projects and future events of the organization. It has been declared that UTESKON is working on a project to struggle with drug addiction and recovering young victims of it. Also, they are planning to conduct a folk dances event  to contribute to cultural relations of Turkey and Russia. Program continued with  the speech of  President of UTESKON, Sebahattin Uludağ. Later  UTESKON External Affairs Director Fulya Sağlık made a speech. Also, mayor of Yenimahalle Fethi Yaşar took the floor and made an emotional address.  Programcontinued with a short documentary about Mevlana, his followers and Mevleviyeh. Finally audiences watched a wonderful sema ceremony, conducted by Sufi music ensemble of Culture and Tourism Directorate of Konya. Despite the  adverse weather conditions,conference hall was crowded.

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