Mustafa AY – TDO – 31.07.2018 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asserted White House’s willigness to invest in some of Indo-Asian countries-Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia-. Secretary Pompeo specified that Washington has been planning to make 113 million dollars investment in the realm of technology, energy and infrastructure of those countries for the purpose of enhancing bilateral relations. Through this investment plan on the agenda, Washington is supposedly aimed at expanding the scope of NATO-alike miltary collaboration in Indo-Pacific region as well as makes economic cooperation more efficient.

White House follows a well-known route in struggle against China. That China has a tendency to pose imminent threat to its around owing to its expansionist/agressive policy causes neigbouring countries to succumb the feeling of uneasiness and discontent. In order to get rid of those feelings, all 3 Indo-Asian nations seem already enthuasiastic about cooperating with USA since they are incapable of challeging China. Besides, USA and those countries currently look China as a common adversary. For all abovementioned reasons, Secretary Pompeo underlied these words “USA will oppose expansionist/agressive nations which try to dominate Asia and Pacific.”So Secretary Pompeo implied that USA is behind those three nations in struggle against China.

US Secretary of State’s utterances apparently targeted China, which has recently exhibited expansionist/agressive attitude by constructing artificial islands and proliferating military build-ups in South China Sea. So, China makes a lot of energy to consolidates its regional dominance through its military power deployed in the disputable region. Therefore, regional powers, which pay utmost attention to preserve their interests in the region, repeatedly state that China’s ambition to dominate South China Sea leads negative fluctuations in both regional and global economy.

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