Mustafa AY – TDO – 26.08.2017 Today, there are many types of imminent threats that USA has to face with. These threats varying from terrorism to natural disasters have potential to undermine national security and well-being. Currently, US states is about to struggle with natural disaster. As usual, threat of Hurricane is higher in Eastern and Southeastern coastal states of USA. In 2005, USA was hit by one of the most devastating hurricane named Katrina. Katrina Hurricane has been accepted in ‘category 3’ natural phenomena. Katrina Hurricane had 175 km speed in that year which means that it had the capability of sweeping almost everything –houses, cars, trucks, etc.- out. Following hurricane in 2005, the damage-scale reached 650 km encompassing US states Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The cost of damage unfolding in those states was 100 billion Dollars. To be able to hamper proliferation of civilian casualties to unrecoverable level, US Army commenced the evacuation of thousands of civilians at risk. In the aftermath of devastating hurricane, the damaged areas in those states were repaired.

On Thursday, NASA warned Washington concerning that ‘category 2’ hurricane named ‘Harvey’ is about to hit and Washington should take immediate and necessary precautions to minimize the damage. In addition, “devastating flood will most likely ruin the cities!” stated NASA. Harvey Hurricane has already reached 170 km speed. That’s why, on Friday or early Saturday, Harvey Hurricane is expected to hit coastal states to Gulf of Mexico. Besides, that Harvey Hurricane will raise the sea level to 3.7 meters is expected. If this happens, especially Louisiana residents will be suffering from flood tomorrow. After all the warnings by NASA to Washington, almost all states have already started to take measures for the imminent hurricane. Texas and Louisiana announced the state of emergency. Particularly, rapidly-approaching hurricane pushed Corpus Christi and Galveston cities in Texas to proclaim state-decree saying “immediate evacuation of schools”. Today, total population of these two cities is 5.8 million.

On Thursday, US energy firms whose offshore oil platforms are operating in Gulf of Mexico decided on pulling their workers from the platforms. Moreover, these corporations had to halt oil drilling facilities in the region. President Donald Trump said “in case of natural catastrophe by Harvey Hurricane, we are ready to yield essential resources to the region”.                    

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