Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The 2020 presidential race, which will last 9 months in the United States, begins in the state of Iowa. The preselection process that will take place in this state is very important for the presidential candidates of the parties.

Iowa meetings, small local meet rallies are held. Residents here in the state can show their strength for the candidate they support, try to convince people to vote for that person, or meet different candidates and change ranks with their promises.

The state of Iowa has 41 national delegates to send to the House of Representatives. The party that managed to draw these delegates to their side has a significant advantage. Usually, the candidate who gets the most delegates behind him in Iowa is also the one who gets the most media attention. Along with media attention, more donation revenue to their campaign and the election campaign continues to grow.

Starting Monday February 3 in Iowa and ending November 3, the 9-month process that will determine the 46th president of the United States will reveal the American people's choice between giving current Republican President Donald Trump another term and bringing a democratic name into office.

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