As the result of the air operation on the request of UN-backed Government of Libyan National Conformity, the United States has hit ISIS targets in the northern city of Sirte.
Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook affirmed that the airstrikes will be carried on.
Cook: “In the light of Secretary of Defence Ash Carter’ and Army Chief of Staff Dunford’s advice, airstrikes against ISIS was conducted with the confirmation of president Obama. These attacks are in cooperation with our allies’ and our mission against the Islamic terrorist organization”.
Lost Regions are reclaimed
Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj too confirmed that the airstrikes are severely harming ISIS as he added “First airstrike was targeting certain locations in Sirte and caused major losses to the enemy. As these operations’ outcome, our troops managed to reclaim some regions that are very important and have strategic importance”.
ISIS domination in Sirte has been weakened due to the land operations started in May 2016 by forces linked to the government. However, certain universities and hospitals are under the control of ISIS.
People are returning to their homes
Islamist terrorist organization ISIS had claimed the city of Sirte as a base out of Syria and Iraq; caused the evacuation of all the residents of the city.
Thanks to the reclaim of Sirte last month, now people are going be heading back to their homes.
At certain spots of the city, conflicts between terrorists and army troops are still going on.
Mete Ersöz

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