News Center –TDO- Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey Andrii Syhiba, Defense Attaché Colonel Viacheslav Latysh and their spouses hosted a reception at Ankara Atlı Hotel on the purpose of celebrating the 27th anniversary of ‘Ukraine Armed Forces Day’.  

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey Andrii Syhiba, Defense Attaché Colonel Viacheslav Latysh and their spouses greeted the guests. The guest list of the reception included heads of foreign missions, military attaches in Ankara, as well as officials from Turkish Armed Forces and local journalists.

Following the singing of the national anthems of the two countries, Ambassador Sybiha delivered a speech in which he said “We are celebrating the 27th anniversary of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Day. We are proud of and also we trust in our army.  In a short span of time, with the common efforts of Ukrainians and international community, we have achieved the resurgence of our strong army.

Ukraine Armed Forces is a guarantee for territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Ukraine.

Our army is not only exists for Ukraine, but also for security and welfare of all of the Europe. It has been withstanding to Russia’s attacks in Donbass for over 4 years and their occupation of Crimea. 

Russian Federation have attacked the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kerch Strait multiple times. The Russian attacks on the Kerch Strait are a test for the modern international relations and security system.

We can't stand it anymore.

We had to experience Georgia and Crimea lessons and because of these Ukraine is taking all precautions for preventing a total Russian occupation. One of these precautions is declaring a state of siege in 10 region of the country. This preventive method has not been purposing a declaring war.

Ukraine wants to settle the conflict in an amicable manner and with a powerful army diplomatic methods can be used more efficient. 

That is why Ukraine is moving towards full-scale membership in NATO by implementing the Alliance's high standards to strengthen the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

We are grateful to our strategic partner Turkey in providing practical assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces during this period.

We continue to resist the heavily armed enemy. The facts are on our side, and we're going to dominate. We want the Black Sea to be a region of peace and prosperity.

In this context, it is extremely important for civilized countries not to allow a party to change the global order in violation of international law.”

Defense Attaché Colonel Viacheslav Latysh also made a speech and he said: “In 2014, Russian Federation annexed part of the territory of Ukraine. Our country was the target of military aggression and was dragged into a war. Ukraine has evidences of the offensive actions that were planned by high level military governors.

Nowadays, the main efforts in the reforming the Ukrainian Armed Forces are to ensure compliance with NATO standards and operative and technical alignment with NATO member countries. In this context, support and assistance of the international community is extremely important for Ukraine.

Despite the necessity of resisting the attack of the Russian Federation in the east of Ukraine, our state has remained loyal to their international obligations.

I would like to emphasize that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will continue to remain the assurance of the independence and territorial integrity of our state.

Thank you for accepting our invitation and for attending the 27th Anniversary of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

The reception ended after a short concert by folk music artist Kristina Ohitva and samples of traditional Ukraine cuisine.

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