Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy has called for a full admission of the crime committed in Iran's accidental downing of a Ukrainian Airlines passenger plane. However, Iran decided to send the passenger plane's black box to France, with the approval of the five countries.

Zelenskiy reacted harshly to statements from Iran that the Ukrainian plane was accidentally shot down by the air defense system, his social media account said.

They expect a formal apology from Iran, Zelenskiy said, adding that Ukraine insists on a full admission of the crime and expects Iran to bring those responsible to justice, return the bodies, pay compensation and issue a formal apology.

Zelenskiy also said in a statement that the investigation should continue fully and openly without delay or obstruction.

Meanwhile, Iran has decided to send the passenger plane's black box to France. Speaking to IRNA, Iran's official agency, Hassan Rizayifer, Director General of the accident Office of Iran's Civil Aviation Authority, announced that the Ukrainian plane's black box would be sent to France.

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