The Sudanese Armed forces has rejected claims that it had carried out a bombing raid on the Upper Nile region of South Sudan.
In a statement to the Sudan Tribune General Lul Ruai Koang of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army had said “An Antonov type aircraft belonging to the Sudanese Armed Forces has bombed the Babaneis region to the east of town of Renk in the State of Eastern Nile and one of the bombs has exploded near 109th Military Police Station.” General Koang’s statement was rejected by Sudanese Armed Forces Spokesperson Ahmed Khalifa al-Shami. Al-Shami has said that the statement by the South Sudan military spokesperson did not represent the facts and that the Sudanese Army had no reason to carry out such an attack.
Meanwhile, Sudan has accused the South Sudan administration of supporting the actions of the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army-North’s activities against Sudan. The claims voiced by Al-Shami also include allegations that the South Sudanese Army is trying to expel the Nuer population from the east of the country.
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