Mustafa AY – TDO – 21.01.2018 Turkish Armed Forces commenced ‘Oil Branch Operation’ against USA-backed YPG-PYD terrorist organization stationed at Syria’s Afrin. At 5 PM of Saturday -January 20, 2018-, Turkish Fighter Jets commenced to take YPG-PYD’ positions under heavy bombardment.  According to the bombardment, Turkish F-16s taking off from 8th Main Jet Base in Diyarbakır fired bombs over observation positions, as well as the logistics under the grip of YPG-PYD. Besides the bombardment of the fighter jets, Turkish artilleries and missile batteries are constantly taking the terrorist positions under heavy fire. The main objective of air assault on the YPG positions for now is to both inhibit YPG’s deadly assail on Turkey-backed FSA on the way of Afrin, and to minimize the casualties of FSA forces on offensive against YPG.

As for the question over the legitimacy of “Oil Branch Operation” that Turkish Armed Forces has just started to execute, there is no doubt that the operation is thoroughly legitimate, on the grounds that Turkey benefits from UNSC’ 1624, 2170 and 2178 articles of ‘Counter Terrorism’. Besides those articles, Turkey has just ordered start of the operation in accordance with UN’ article of 51 that is ‘right of self-defense’. Turkish Armed Forces is aimed at eliminating not only YPG-PYD, but also eradicating DEAS positions on the area. That Turkey-backed FSA is slowly moving through Afrin is informed for public information by Turkish Armed Forces officials. 

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