Selin ATAY-TDO-The Turkish Foreign Ministry has “strongly condemned and rejected” a draft law proposal adopted by the French Senate that would oblige Muslim mothers wearing headscarves to remove them when accompanying children on school trips. Ministry used the term “example of the hypocrisy and double-standard in the press release regarding the draft law adapted by French Senate.

“Justifying the headscarf ban with the interpretation of “People Providing Services” clause targets directly mothers who accompany their children, not public service providers. This is a new example of France's discriminatory and marginalizing approach that treats Muslims differently from other groups. This is unacceptable to the Turkish and Muslim communities living in France, as well as to our country and other countries that believe in universal values.” said the ministry statement on Oct. 31.

It is suggested that “It would be beneficial for the French authorities to take legal measures to fight hatred against Islam, rather than such discriminatory practices that incite Islam and xenophobia in their country and limit religious freedoms.“

“It is yet another example of the hypocrisy and double-standard of countries which refer to freedom on each opportunity but violate fundamental rights and freedoms. The warnings and opposition voiced by some rational Government Members and MPs during the debate in the Senate have been welcomed. “

“We hope that France will step back from this mistake by listening to these warnings and opposition and that the draft proposal will be rejected in the National Assembly.” It said.

The controversial bill was adopted on Oct. 31 by the French Senate. A total of 163 senators voted in favor of the bill while 114 voted against it. The bill also needs to be approved by the National Assembly to take effect.

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