İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-08.08.2017-  Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu announced that Turkey has successfully become a ‘’Sectorial Dialogue Partner’’ of South East Asian Countries Union (ASEAN).

Çavuşoğlu went to Manila to attend 50st foreign ministers meeting of ASEAN and made significant statements after the gala leaded by Foreign Minister of Philippines, Alan Peter Cayetano.

He said, ‘’ We applied to membership in 2015 and we were working hard for two years. Both our road map and action plan were appreciated by member states’’. He added ‘’ Actually, there were other states that applied to membership but Turkey was chosen to be a Sectorial Dialog Member. Of course this is very suitable for multidimensional foreign policy of Turkey’’.

He also underlined that for a long time, Turkish authorities were working on new openings on Africa, Latin America and focus on South East Asian nations.

Additionally, he noted that starting with Laos, there would be several embassies of Turkey in member state’s capitals soon. He acknowledged that Turkish authorities would work closely both with ASEAN institutionally and member states in order to achieve its action plan.

Furthermore, Çavuşoğlu highlighted that this would improve political and economic relations between Turkey and East Asian Countries, increase trade volume and create new opportunities for Turkish businessman.

Besides, Çavuşoğlu reminded that ASEAN includes some of the least developed countries in the World. He said KIZILAY, TIKA and AFAD would control the flow of humanitarian aid to these kind of countries such as Rohingya, via ASEAN.  He worded ‘’ There is also a humanitarian side of the issue. From now on, Turkish representatives will join each meeting of ASEAN’’. Çavuşoğlu ended his words with underlining Turkey’s position to be a part of ASEAN.



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