The Independent High Electoral Commission is committed to the date of December 17, 2017, for holding municipal elections

Adel Tayari – TDO - (TUNISIA)The Independent High Electoral Commission of Tunisia said on Friday (March 24th) that the Commission adheres to the date of December 17, 2017, for the municipal elections, noting that this decision was taken during the meeting of the Board held last Thursday. She noted that the President of the Commission, Shafik Sursar, will soon meet with President of the Republic Baiji KayedSibsi and Chairman of the People's Assembly

Mohammed Nasser and Prime Minister Youssef Alshahed before the official announcement of the date of elections, noting that the Authority has made its choice in this regard and assumes no responsibility in the form of delay and the parties involved in the electoral process To resolve its position.

She pointed out that the proposed date was based on the results of the consultative meeting, which was organized by the political parties and national organizations on March 14, explaining that most of the participants in this meeting have agreed to choose the month of December 2017 to organize the elections.

The Commission has previously confirmed that exceeding the year 2017 to organize the elections will have negative repercussions on the entire electoral process in Tunisia.

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