Adel Tayari -TDO- (TUNISIA) The expropriation committee of the Ministry of State Property and Real Estate Affairs in Tunisia announced on Friday (May 26th) the confiscation of the property of eight Tunisian businessmen who were suspended during the past two days.  The committee confirmed that the arrested persons have proven their ties to corruption issues and harms the security of the state. The committee added that the decision included the confiscation of all the property of the businessmen concerned, and it concerns Mengi bin Rabah, Kamal bin Ghulam Faraj, Shafiq Al-Gariyah, Yasin Al-Shanoufi, Najib bin Ismail, Ali Al-Qarawi, Munther Jenih and Hilal bin Masoud.  In a related context, the Tunisian military judiciary on Friday (May 26th) issued an arrest warrant against businessman Shafik Al-Gariyah for "treason", "assault on state security", "conspiracy" and "putting himself at the disposal of a foreign army”, Which are punishable by death.

For the reference, Shafiq Al-Graya began his life as a vegetable vendor roving in the province of Sfax, in southern Tunisia and “thanks to his intelligence, he is a businessman who runs projects on four continents for hundreds of billions," he told a Tunisian television channel last year. And he explained that he was one of the supporters and financiers of the Tunisian Party “NidaaTounes”.

For reference the Tunisian government on Tuesday launched a series of arrests of businessmen suspected of corruption, while the government faces strong pressure to combat the phenomenon that spread in the country during the days of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and continued after the revolution.

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