The Democracy – Dictatorship (DD) Measure and Polity IV
The country which had been examined in these graphs, Tunisia became an independent country in March 20, 1956 with Habib Bourguiba’s, a French lawyer’s, prime ministry. A year after this incident, republic replaced the monarchy. From that certain point in history on, we can able to discuss their score in the DD and Polity IV data since they were no longer a colony of France. The French presence remained until 1963. Afterwards, politically, the country gets in to a different case then its colonial or historical era. This region that had always been a target to imperial forces of different eras, due to its geographical and natural content; but after having their independency, internal “problems” occurred – according to Western approach since many of Middle-Eastern and North African countries were in similar circumstances until the chain events of rebellion in 2011, by the name the world is familiar with: the Arab Spring.
By Oğul Hasan Özel - Asst. Prof. Aida Just
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