İrem UZUN -TDO- U.S. President Donald Trump called Justin Trudeau “two-faced” on Wednesday after the Canadian Prime Minister appeared to be caught on camera joking about his press appearances during a chat with other leaders at a NATO summit in London.

The brief video posted on Twitter by Canada's public broadcaster, CBC, showed Mr. Trudeau chatting with a group of leaders, including Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Queen Elizabeth's daughter Princess Anne at a function at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening.Johnson asks Macron: “Is that why he was late?” and Trudeau interjects “He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference off the top”.Trudeau adds: “Oh, yeah, yeah yeah. He announced…” before he is cut off by Macron, who speaks animatedly to the group. Macron’s back is to the camera and his words are inaudible.None of them appeared to realize they were being recorded.

Asked on Wednesday if he had heard Trudeau’s remarks about him, Trump said he is two-faced.He suggested that Trudeau was upset because he had challenged him for failing to meet the target of spending 2% of national output on defense. On Tuesday, Trump asked Trudeau "Where are you at? What is your number?" during their meeting on the sidelines of the NATO summit outside London. Trudeau responded that Canada had, in fact, increased its spending on defense over the past few years.

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