Adel Tayari – TDO - (TUNISIA)The Tunisian Foreign Ministry calls on the British ambassador to clarify the ban on computers on board aircraft coming from Tunisia

The Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a communique on Friday (March 24th) that it had invited the United Kingdom's ambassador to Tunisia, Louise de Souza, to the Ministry's headquarters to explain the recent decision by the British authorities to ban laptops and tablets on board aircraft from 5 Arab countries Including Tunisia, for reasons it described as security.

Tunisia expressed its surprise at this decision, which was taken without consulting or informing the Tunisian authorities.The Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that this action is "unjustified and does not reflect the reality of the security situation in Tunisia", which witnessed a great improvement after the efforts exerted by the security and military institutions to secure facilities, sites, tourist routes and land, sea and air crossing points what made the International Civil Aviation Organization classified Tunisian airports in the 2016 report among the safest airports in the world, pointing out that the airports in Tunisia follow the same safety procedures applied at Heathrow, London, according to the text of the communication. This decision, in addition to the British travel ban on Tunisia despite the heavy security cooperation between the two countries, raises the question of its purpose, the ministry said.

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