News Centre –TDO- The conference titled the Spiritual Revival of the Great Steppe held in cooperation by the Kazakh Embassy and the Turkish Historical Society was held at the Turkish Historical Society in Ankara.

The conference was attended by Kazakh Ambassador to Turkey Abzal Saparbekulı, President of the Turkish Historical Society Prof. Dr Refik Turan, Presidential Chief Advisor Yalçın Topçu, Prof. Dr M. Seyfettin Erol (President, ANKASAM)

Asc. Prof. Dr Kürşad Zorlu (Ahi Evran University), Prof. Dr Hasan Ünal (Maltepe University), former speaker of parliament Cemil Çiçek, ambassadors and many other guests.

Following the singing of the national anthems of Turkey and Kazakhstan, President Prof. Dr. Refik Turan of the Turkish Historical Society said that Turkey and Kazakhstan are brother nations and that having been established after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan continued its successful progress.

Kazak Ambassador Saparbekulı said “As you know, December 1st is the Day of the Founder President of Kazakhstan. Being head of state is something very few people get to do in the world. Being a founder president is an honour for even fewer.

“Undoubtedly, the personality of the founder president, their leadership, vision for life and future paly a great role in shaping the natrion.

“In this sense, it may be said that Kazakhstan is very lucky. Nursultan Nazarbayev led the country through its most crucial juncture in history.

“Nursultan Nazarbayev is a leader who has transformed Kazakhstan from an instable, poor country with a dubious future to an economically strong, internationally respected state that is confident of its future.

“Dear participants,

“One of the most important characteristics of Nursultan Nazarbayev as a head of state is his strategic vision and the importance he attaches to planning. From the first years of our independence onwards, the president has masterfully guided the country by identifying strategic objectives and means of achieving them.

“Through strategies and policies such as Kazakhstan – 2030, Cultural Heritage, Road to Europe, Kazakhstan – 2050, the Path of Light and Spiritual Resurrection, Mr Nazarbayev has added impetus to the economic, political, infrastructural, cultural and social development of Kazakhstan.

“It is only those countries with clear aims that progress and rise. If we were to pay attention, we would see that many neighbouring countries do not have as comprehensive, long-term and systematic strategic planning as Kazakhstan does.

“One characteristic of Nazarbayev’s strategies is that his initiatives are taken on the basis of conditions and circumstances of the moment.

“A good example of this is the article Seven Dimensions of the Great Steppe, which was published in November.  The article emphasises the Turkish identity of Kazakhstan and aims to strengthen ties with the Turkic world and at the same time constitutes a programme that should be implemented.

“As the white-beard of the Turkic world, Nursultan Nazarbayev intends with the said article not just to awaken and strengthen the historical and national identity of Kazakhs, but also to add impetus to the unification of the Turkic world.”

Presidential Chief Advisor Yalçın Topçu said in his speech: “With the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, Kazakhstan declared its independence with the determination to live freely and independently.  

“Our Kazakh brothers forced centuries of imperialist schemes out of the homeland, never to return.

“Those who thought Kazakhstan would only survive for a couple of years were disappointed.

 “Nursultan Nazarbayev, a leader of great determination, policies and principles has advanced on a path of light with temerity and belief and has come to be known as the white-bread of the Turkish-Islamic world, as well as a dependable and respectable mediator in international affairs around the world.

 “Nursultan Nazarbayev is a legendary leader who has achieved much in a little time and revitalised his weary and long-suffering people.

“The white-beard is the pride of the Turkish world. He has given the state of South Kazakhstan its ancient name of Turkistan back, once more showing us what a sharp intelligence, great knowledge of politics, great patriotism and love of the nation he has. May God bless him, add to his strength and years.

“The two engines of the Turkish world, Turkey and Kazakhstan have thankfully become a source of hope for the Turkish world and all oppressed nations under the man of the nation President Erdoğan and white-beard Nazarbayev.

“The Turkish world will practice politics and trade together and this geography, which is the most ancient site of civilisation in the world will once more come to know peace and prosperity, benefiting not just the Turkish-Islamic world but the entire world and humanity.”

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